About Us

The Early Childhood Music School is a weekday ministry offered at Williamsburg United Methodist Church to members and the community-at-large.† Weekly classes in music-and-movement (taught by internationally certified early childhood music specialists) address the following goals:


 Promote music education as every childís God-given right.


 Generate enthusiasm for music through repeated, positive experiences.


 Provide holistic education at a time when children are developmentally receptive.


 Create a nurturing environment that enables children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


 Affirm and support parents of young children while facilitating positive family interaction.



How secure is this site?

As secure as most sites.


Our site consists of a non-secured site on a cloud Web Hosting Server (where you are now) and a secured site managed by Main Street.†


Our local site does not contain any RP (responsible person) or student financial data.† We do have the most essential contact information (name, address, email, and phone numbers) required to contact you, but this information is not stored on the site.† Web spiders will waste their time here.† We do not share this information with the Williamsburg United Methodist Church or any third-party company or person.† We do not send you spam.


The secured site does not have any SSNs, credit card or banking data.† Only contact information, payment histories and account balances.† The instructors do not have access to your payment histories.†


Scholarship applications are on paper and are shredded after the Scholarship Committee has made a determination.† They are never stored on a computer.


Instructors have access to your contact information and any notes that you left for them pertaining to a studentís dietary, learning, or physical disabilities concerns.