Kid’s Quotes


Musical Explorer (three-year-old)

“Can we sing the song about the donut man today (Muffin Man)?” 


Young Musician 1 (four-year-old)

“While reviewing the instruments of the orchestra, Ricky pointed to the tympani (also called kettle drum) and called out enthusiastically, “That’s the pot drum!”


Musical Beginner (two-year-old)

“When I was a little kid . . .”


Young Musician 2 (five-year-old)

“I really like learning the new stuff!”


Adult Keyboard Student

A frequent complaint among the senior adults is that it becomes increasingly difficult to retain new information.  The following conversation was overheard between two adult seniors:


             “I told you that last week.  Don’t you remember?”


             “No. My mind just doesn’t retain like it used to.”


             “That’s okay.  I like to tell things again and again.”


Keyboard 2 Student

“That homework was just too much fun!”