Welcome to The Early Childhood Music School

COVID-19 Mask Guidelines and Classroom Protocols

All COVID-19 policies are subject to change. ECMS will be hosting indoor classes. Masks are mandatory for all persons 2 years and older.

Although this is our current policy, ECMS will have to adhere to any changes instilled by the Williamsburg United Methodist Church (WUMC) Healthy Church Team, the UMC district and conference leaders, as well as the state of Virginia.

If at any point we are required to teach virtually, the class levels, days, and times will remain the same and we will not be refunding families for dropping due to a forced virtual classroom environment.




About ECMS

The Early Childhood Music School is a weekday ministry offered at Williamsburg United Methodist Church to members and the community-at-large.  Weekly classes in music-and-movement (taught by internationally certified early childhood music specialists) address the following goals:

  • Promote music education as every child’s right.
  • Generate enthusiasm for music through repeated, positive experiences.
  • Provide holistic education at a time when children are developmentally receptive.
  • Create a nurturing environment that enables children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • Affirm and support parents of young children while facilitating positive family interaction.

School Calendar

Check out our flexible schedule that allows families to learn with morning or evening classes. You may even find more than one class at a time that works for the entire family!

Prices and Fees

Check out our prices for classes from Parent and Me all the way to Keyboard levels. You will find that our classes are not only educational and fun, but also affordable

Scholarship Funds

ECMS is proud of its ability to offer scholarships to our families in need. Click below to learn more about how apply or donate to our scholarship programs.

elliot’s song

An outreach program by the early childhood music school

Early Childhood Music School offers appropriate curricula taught by music specialists to address developmental needs of the “at risk” population in our community. Through your donation, Elliot’s Song provides—at no cost—30 weeks of instruction to preschool children for whom music education opportunities are limited because of social, economic or developmental factors.

By meeting once a week at 6 sites—in the comfort of their own classrooms—the Head Start and Bright Beginnings students experience music-based activities designed to promote their academic readiness, music skills and overall development.

Elliot’s Song is funded solely by grants, donations and fundraisers. Donations are tax deductible. To donate, either make your check payable to ECMS, denoting “Elliot’s Song” on the memo line or go to our online store to make a donation by credit card

Any amount is appreciated. Please note:

A donation of $30 sponsors a child for a semester/$60 for the whole year.

A donation of $400 sponsors an entire class for a semester/$800 for the whole year. 

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